HR projects don’t have to keep you up at night.

We get it. You’re busy and HR is the last thing you want to worry about.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, our HR consulting services keep you in compliance, help you resolve employee relations issues and give you peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business. We work primarily with businesses under 90 employees in for-profit, non-profit and government organizations.

We do HR well and we’re passionate about it.

We work with you as a strategic partner to guide and advise you on important HR and human capital management initiatives.

Human resources projects aren’t always at the top of everyone’s list, especially when there needs to be a focus on building your business and meeting customer demands, but HR mistakes can be costly and time consuming.

Some estimates show that business owners without an HR professional spend up to 30 percent of their time on HR tasks. With our help, you can better leverage your time on income-generating activities.

You know your business and we know HR. Let’s work together.

Our clients sleep better because they know their HR projects and programs are top notch after working with our team. We’ve helped clients with policy and handbook development, workplace investigations, performance management system design, HR and compliance audits, as well as many other general HR projects.

Don’t see what you need on our short list? No worries, we do lots of other HR work, too. Just ask us if we can help with your specific need.

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