Need HR help, but don’t have the available resources to work with a consultant?

HR Answerbox has a solution for that, too!

Not everyone has the budget, time or desire to work one-on-one with an HR consultant, but that doesn’t mean that the HR questions and concerns are going to magically disappear on their own. Enter the HR Action Planner. This do-it-yourself digital workbook provides a guided roadmap for small businesses and start-ups to help them consider some of the most pressing HR topics. The HR Action Planner contains 60+ pages packed with useful information, worksheets and templates that you can integrate and use in your own organizations. The four modules are packed with actionable information, worksheets and checklists on the entire employment lifecycle.

Module 1: The Basics
1.1: Foundations of HR and the HR lifecycle
1.2: What do you need?
1.3: How will you get there?
1.4: HR Budget
1.5: Employment Law
1.6: List of common policies and procedures

Module 2: Build & Grow
2.1: The workforce planning and recruitment process
2.2: Legal and effective interviewing
2.3: Orientation and onboarding

Module 3: Perform & Improve
3.1: Communication and feedback
3.2: Performance management
3.3: Employee retention and engagement

Module 4: End of Employment
4.1: Voluntary terminations
4.2: Involuntary terminations
4.3: Next steps
4.4: Closing thoughts

My goal in creating this product was to provide you with all the necessary tools you need to start an HR department from the ground up or to evaluate your existing HR function. Through my consulting work and extensive experience in the field of human resources, I realized that many small companies and startups don’t have in-house professionals with HR training. Amanda Haddaway, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

In startups and small businesses, it’s very common for one of the founding executives or an office manager to take on the initial human resources functions in the organization. Often times, these people have a strong commitment to the company and want to do the right thing for employees, but they lack any formal HR training. The cost to hire a full-time, experienced HR professional isn’t justified with the current staffing levels, but you need help. There are employee management issues, recruitment needs and many other tasks that typically fall under the HR umbrella. You need problems solved sooner rather than later so you can focus on growing the business and the bottom line. The HR Action Planner is your solution.

What’s included:

• Step-by-step instructions and a blueprint for setting up a compliant HR function in your organization

• Digital workbook with practical exercises and checklists to help you plan the HR functions you need in your organization

• HR templates, checklists and sample forms

• Human resources best practices and practical tips

After using HR Action Planner, you’ll have peace of mind that your organization is on the right track to employer and employee success. 

Until organizations reach a certain staffing level, the cost-benefit analysis for hiring an HR manager simply isn’t there.

Nonetheless, companies have HR requirements with even one employee.

In order to get you in compliance and help you engage and retain your employees, I’ve put together this product to walk you through my proprietary step-by-step process for an effective human resources function. Throughout each module, I provide you with industry best practices, tools and tips. Each module is broken into sections by topic. The HR Action Planner includes checklists, worksheets and sample forms and templates for you to use in your own organizations.

About the author:

Amanda Haddaway is the managing director and lead consultant and trainer for HR Answerbox, a boutique consultancy focused on solving the people problems that business owners, executives and managers face on a daily basis. Amanda has more than 35,000 hours of experience in corporate HR services, which allows her to effectively partner with organizations to help them solve their human resources and employee challenges. She holds the two highest professional certifications in human resources, SPHR and SHRM-SCP, as well as a Master’s degree from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Jurisprudence (Labor and Employment Law) at Tulane University Law School. Amanda is a published author of two books and numerous articles. She serves as the director for the MD SHRM State Council and the chairperson for the Frederick County Workforce Development Board. She is an adjunct instructor at Montgomery College and a trainer for the Society for Human Resource Management.

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